lundi 29 avril 2013


Today, I went to bed and waited for more than two hours before falling asleep. I had this strange feeling that kept me awake so long. It was as if I was alone in the world. As if no one could see or hear me. I often feel lonely before sleeping. But not like this. It was disrupting. And I did not really like it.
Today, the only song I wanted to listen is the one where a man regrets his last relationship, which ends  because he has not lived up to.
Today, I saw a broken ankle.
Today, I got 4.4/20 in the worse UE of the whole world.
Today, I wanted to cry. But as this was a long moment that it wasn't happen to me and as it was my Birthday, I didn't do it. Brave good boy.
Anyway, it was my birthday. 

with one more year old.

"Vous êtes les étoiles, nous sommes l'Univers. 
Vous  êtes le rivage et moi je suis l'écume."