vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Yes, you must kill me

If only you knew. If you knew all what's on my mind. I dreamed of many thing. I was hopping that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. But this better day never comes. What do you expect me to answer when you ask me to imagine my futur ? I am also lonely than an orphan. I am also terrified than a beaten child. My dreams and my innoscent flew through the bars of my prison of silence. My wings are consuming day by day. I'm suffocating. I choke. I don't know if I would survive to this bubble of isolation. Perhaps that one day, somebody will find my bloody corpse. Nude. In a cold fields. Without no one has realized that I had been missing for weeks. It's also simple as that. I'm indispensable to nobody. But why someone would wants me after all ? I'm nobody. I'm a failure. I have no more dreams, no more wings, no more innoscent, no more friends, nothing more about who or what support me, no more to save me. But I do not deserved to be saved. I'm so weak... Too weak. Too weak to live. Too lonely to live. Too abandone to live. I just have to die to let the world in peace. I would not miss anyone. I just have a wish to say. Or two. First and main, tell my mother I love her more than anything. Secondly, please, If I was still breathing when you find my naked bloody, bloodied, bruised by hatred and suffering from unimaginable and invisible pain; in a cold fields at night, please, finish - me.